The Blue Rose KY Story


The Blue Rose KY, LLC


About the Business 

Founded in 2016. We first opened our Etsy Shop along with doing local Craft fairs and Celebrations. After such great response from our customers we expanded in 2018 into a brick and mortar store. Our next big milestone of 2018 was the launch of our stand alone site.


About Us

Hi! I'm Daryn, wife, mom of 2, and owner of The Blue Rose Ky! I have a passion for creating unique, stylish, and high quality clothing. But most of all, I love designing shirts that make you feel amazing when wearing them.


About Our Shirts

Blue Rose tees are so comfortable you could sleep in them, but so cute you'll want to wear them everyday. We only use the softest, highest quality, and best fitting tees on the market. Each design is created with love.

 Thank you so much for checking out our little corner of the Universe!