Reuseable Drink Pouch

Reuseable Drink Pouch

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Drink Pouch

Convenient and reusable pouches, with a closable zipper.

Our pouches are screen printed, so that means your design isn't going ANYWHERE.

To re-use just hand wash with mild dish soap and water, then air dry. I mean, EASY.

Two holes to easily carry with your fingertips.

Each pouch comes with a colorful straw. CHYEAH.

Pouches are food-grade and made of non-toxic, BPA free materials.

The closable zip top ensures easy opening and that no sand or salt/lake/pool water gets into your drink.

Capacity for each Pouch: 450-500 ml (around 16 OZ)

Size: 9.5 inch/23.13 cm

Hand wash and air dry for best results.

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